High Load (100 MN) Bearings supplied for Zhongwei Yellow River Bridge, NingXia

Zhongwei Yellow River, which nearby the High-Speed Railway Station, will be the beauty landmark of Zhongwei city once completed. It’s a connection of the railway station and Zhongwei city, will be the south gateway to Zhongwei.

The bridge features a total length of 1360m, a width of 41m and designed to run vehicles with a speed of 60km per hour.

After detail technical discussion, Datong Inc wins the bidding of seismic bearings FPS with a maximum vertical load capacity up to 100,000kN and supplies these bearings in 2018.

Thanks to the experience of 90MN GT-LS Cable steel seismic bearing our ever built for the Min River Bridge (Sichuan), along with the experiences of 100 MN FPS in Maogang Bridge in Shanghai, we successfully completed the supply.