OMV and SPO Test as Per ASSHTO Standard

During Jul. 13 to 16, 2017, an OMV (Open Movement and Vibration) and SPO (Seal Push-Out) test as per AASHTO LRFD Bridge Construction Specifications Appendix A19 and NCHRP Report 467 was performed and the results for both tests were satisfactory.

In line of the requirement of the customer for the Kuwait project, Datong designed, fabricated and delivered the testing specimen, a 4-cell modular expansion joint, to a 3rd party testing house to carry out the tests. It was witnessed, verified and reported by the Structural Engineering Testing Center, Southwest Jiaotong University.

The results from OMV test after 27400 cycles were satisfactory as no failures were observed on the elastomeric components and the seal opening gaps were controlled with in a ratio of 1:2, as per Report 467, it shall be deemed as acceptable. NDT testing on the welding seams showed no crack.

The mango curve of “Stroke vs. Load” was consecutive and consistent from the 1st cycle to the last cycle, 27400 cycles. The water tightness test was initialized after 9130 cycles and no water leakage was observed. Right after observing the dismantled testing specimen after OMV, the SPO test was carried out and the results showed the rubber glands can resist 5 consecutive push-out forces of 6kN.

Both the OMV and SPO tests were deemed successful.