EMR strip seal is imported from USL UK, and has been successfully applied to many projects. It consists of an elastomeric seal insert between two edgebeams. It is unique in that the edgebeams are inserted to a rapid curing elastomeric resin, which bonded with bridge deck by polyurethane resin, without any welding.

EMR strip seal is expansion joint for movement range up to 100mm. It is ideally suited for replacing the failure joint since the following superior performance:

w Reliable connection. The rigid adhesive between elastomeric resin and bridge deck, can resist the traffic load and avoid the fatigue of welding.

w Minimum traffic disruption. Benefit from no welding and rapid curing elastomeric resin, the joint can allow traffic flow within 2-3hours.

ERM strip seal is strongly shear resistant after installation. It is high strength, wearing resistance and highly compatible with the concrete without crack. ERM strip seal is particularly suitable for shallow recess and replacement project.