Strip Seal Expansion Joint

Strip seal is a sealed joint with an extruded elastomeric seal retained by edgebeams that are anchored to the structure elements.

Datong strip seals consist of two edgebeams, an elastomeric seal and anchorages. The edgebeams of strip seal are anchored in high-strength concrete (elastomeric resin) by welding a rigid anchorage. And an elastomeric seal is to be used to prevent the water and debris thought the joint.

Datong strip seals are especially designed for road and bridge structures subject to traffic loads and accommodate the movements and rotations of the structure. It can be designed to fulfil all load requirements such as Chinese standards (JT), American standards (AASHTO), European standards (ETAG) and all other specifications.

Strip seals are expansion joint for a movement range of 0-80mm, even up to 100mm. Movements and rotations in all three axes of bridge are possible without any restraints.