SB Modular Bridge Joint

Modular Bridge Joint System is designed to accommodate both movement and rotation between adjacent bridge elements. In addition to supporting wheel loads, a properly designed modular joint will prevent water and debris from draining onto the underlying substructure.

SB Modular Bridge Joint is a new large displacement joint researched and developed for heavy-load and high density traffic on the basis of the features of all types of large displacement expansion joints at home and abroad.

SB Modular Bridge Joint based on dynamics anti-fatigue principle uses the elastic support system of single support bar and the control system of tandem control springs, characterized by good bearing capacity, anti-fatigue performance, uniform displacement control, etc.

SB Modular Bridge Joint can well adapt to three-dimensional displacement of bridge and provides such advantages as comfortable travel, long service life, easy to maintenance, suitable for various highway, road and bridge, and it is the best structure for suspension bridges, cable-stayed bridges and continuous concrete bridges.