GT-Rotation Finger Joint

GT-Rotation Finger Joint is an innovative and patented product. These joints are designed the finger joints for the simultaneous application of longitudinal and transverse movement, vertical and transverse rotation.

GT-rotation finger joint is a combination of finger joint and spherical bearing. The finger plate can provide the longitudinal movement and improve driving experience, reduce traffic noise and decrease the vibration. And the spherical bearing provide the rotation about two axes and transverse movement. Since the supported structure of finger, this joint can be used for bridge longitudinal movement up to 3000mm.

These joints are equipped with anti-bounce mechanism to prevent bounce and absorb vibration. During the installation of the expansion joint, prestressing is applied by the connection bolt to ensure the pulling down force of finger plate and prevent bounce when vehicle passes.

Skid resistance surface can ensure the friction coefficient not less than 0.55 throughout the service life.